Supersaurus (SUPER-LIZARD). An ambitious name of a sauropod that could be the greatest who ever lived on Earth. Perhaps some rushed in to put that name ... I mean: The sauropods were the largest dinosaurs that ever lived. Within this group, for example, we find the famous sauropods such as Diplodocus (103 feet long), Argentinosaurus (131 ft) and Amphicoelias fragillimus (up to 155 feet, if its existence is confirmed). So if this sauropod called "SUPER" understand that is bigger than these three ... right? Well the answer is NO, is smaller, measuring up to 100 ft at best, like a Diplodocus.

But, when they found the first fossils seemed that these prehistoric animals could measure some more. Initially estimated 42 meters. And had to give them a name.

Finally, little more can be said of Supersaurus only who like all sauropods, had a small head, a long neck and a long tail. Could weigh 40 tons, and was a vegetarian. Imagine how much they should eat grass.

This prehistoric animal lived in the Jurassic in what is now North America.

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