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Now Troodon has thousands of fans who are children of 2-7 years old ... or a little more. Although it was one of the first dinosaurs found, now it gets to know as one of the characters in a cartoon series, a character friendly and fun. But that image is far removed from reality. In fact, "Troodon" name literally means "wounding tooth", so get an idea.

The Troodon belongs to the group of theropods (prehistoric animals with strong back legs). A suborder where we find most frightening terrestrial species of the story ... as the Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus rex or Allosaurus. Referring to the teeth, the Troödon were quite different than that of other carnivores mentioned.
The teeth of T. Rex were as heavy knives, however, were those of Troodon elongated narrow and sharp edges saws ideal for tearing flesh.

Indeed, this animal lived in the upper Cretácido became extinct 70 million years *. It was a prehistoric carnivore forests in what is now North America. But it never became an apex predator as their size was relatively small and could not compete with other theropods.

It reminds me a little velociraptor. First because of its size and secondly because they were very similar morphologically. The two, Velociraptor and Troodon, were very close (evolutionarily speaking) birds and probably both had feathers. Although they could not fly ... we leave that to the birds. But maybe it big jumps or even plan a few meters.

The Troodon was twice as large as the velociraptor. Was elongated like this, also agile predator and 1 meter in height and two in length, weighing up to 50 kg. A Trodonte of these, a human could make enough damage or even kill it.

But do not demonize an animal and say it's bad. But if you're a parent and your child likes Troodon, you know it's not the friendly character we see in the series of "Dinosaur Train". He was an active hunter, a predator elongated as a young Komodo dragon but occasionally will put on its back legs.

* If you look at this picture, you will see that next to the Troodon's one of the "Aliens" that were found in Roswell. According to a paleontologist: these alien beings would be the trodontes that survived the mass extinction of dinosaurs and evolved ... Over millions of years evolved and could reach out to Earth, then returned and are in Roswell .... curious ...
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