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That discovery! The cousin of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. A new tyrant among the dinosaurs of the Late Cretaceous (between 99 and 65 million years ago), a great beast, a new predator found, their fossils, currently Zhucheng in Shandong Province (east China). Therefore, it has been dubbed the Zhucheng Tyrant.

Tyrant could describe as a Tyrannosaurus Rex Zhucheng but a little smaller. For example:

The Tyrannosaurus was approximately 14 m in length, of Zhuncheng reached 11 meters. Negligible size, we ... that if you look down the street ... .... .... you make it over (not I think of another expression).

A little lower and also weighing less. T. Rex weighed about 6 tons, however, the Zhucheng weighed 4 tons.

Still, the new finding corresponds to a terrible carnivore with a powerful jaw, small arms like the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Possibly, like the T. Rex, Zhucheng could have been predator but a scavenger.

Anyway, so far are some fossils have been found from this dinosaur, a few vertebrae and mandible (with teeth certainly unique, larger in proportion to his jaw in the T. Rex). See if you still discovering more fossils and they can illustrate.
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