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Shonisaurus sikkanniensis.

Ichthyosaurs were large marine reptiles with an aspect between fish and dolphin. Werereptiles, which through evolution and centuries, returned to the water. As did the whalesand dolphins, mammals that returned to the sea mainly in search of food.

Within the ichthyosaurs, are the Shonisaurus sikkanniensis. A species that is possiblythe largest marine reptile so far discovered. Although little intimidating appearance, their size allowed devour large and fearsome creatures as giant squid and fish andother smaller reptiles.

His mouth was three meters long (similar to Liopleurodon) and body size is estimatedat 21 meters. Other animal related to Shonisaurus popularis Shonisaurussikkanniensis was 15 meters long. But let's focus on the S. Sikkanniensis.

Her body was among whale and dolphin, but then she was a reptile. Their wings werehuge, his bones as well (the ribs came to be more than 3 meters) and weighs 40 tonscould reach easily.
By the way, lived in the Triassic.

Curiosity: The majority of fossils have been found in the Shoshone Mountains at an altitude of about 7000 meters above sea level.
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