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Rhamphosuchus crassidens.

Today we will talk of the largest crocodile that ever lived. More than the Sarcosuchus Imperator and the Deinosuchus, which are of similar size (15 meters) and weighs about the same (9 tons) ... dimensions not insignificant by comparison with the currently largest crocodile, the marine crocodile weighs 1.5 tonnes  and 6 meters long.

The name of this giant prehistoric crocodile is Rhamphosuchus crassidens, "crocodile-peak". Rhamphosuchus crassidens is the largest species of a genus of which we speak: gender Rhamphosuchus and is an extinct relative of the False gharial, a crocodile of the family Crocodylidae  with a thin elongated snout. Although the False gharial is 4 meters and weighs 250 kg, whereas the Rhamphosuchus crassidens is 18 meters long (although other estimates do not exceed 15 m) and 1 tons. An aquatic animal although very heavy to move nimbly on land, in ponds and marshes became the superpredator of water during the Miocene Epoch in the Indian continent.

Due to the size, strength and width but also elongated snout, the Rhamphosuchus crassidens could devour prey larger and more varied than today's crocodiles Tomistominae subfamily (such as the False gharial). The variety and development of the Miocene ungulates were a valuable contribution to the diet of this prehistoric animal. Among their prey could find elephants, antelopes, deer-like animals, giant pigs, horses with huge claws, camels, rhinos, crocodiles and even other great apes and the orangutan or an ancestor of ours: the great and strong Gigantopithecus. All the animals who came to drink. Possibly, their diet was changing as he grew older, because while their size increased so did his jaw and of course his power and, at first had to settle mainly fish and small vertebrates. Even then devoured everything that breathed.


For months we talk about one of the largest crocodiles in the history and prehistory together. We refer to Deinosuchus, a crocodile measuring between 12 (40 ft) and 15 meters long (50 ft), which lived in the Cretaceous dinosaurs that hunted among other prey.

The crocodile you today is possibly the largest crocodile ever. A crocodile with a size that could grow to 18 meters(58 ft). (Opinions vary on the size, some experts say that half to 18 meters and 15 ... in any case would be one of the largest crocodiles.) Called Rhamphosuchus and like other crocodiles, current and extinct expected lurking in the river banks until prey came to drink and then ... zas!. A deadly bite, a fatal bite when caught their prey would not let go until he stopped breathing.

Among their prey might have found a Platybelodon, an ancestor of the elephant, and even a hominid Anisodon ancestor of ours as Gigantopithecus, the largest single story.

A Platybelodon, an ancestor of the elephant, 2 meters (7 ft) high and over 2 tons that even with its enormous weight and strength, could do nothing against this 10-ton crocodile, a mouth of almost 2 meters, 18 meters and one of the Bites more pressure throughout the animal kingdom (almost nothing).

Come on, all animals are herbivores or carnivores, prey or hunter, trembling at the close presence of this great monster, this large predator.
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