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Evolution: the Purgatorius to men.

In the great debate of the past (I now passed) between creationism and evolution were the remains of an animal as Purgatorius which tipped the balance in favor of supporting the evolution.

The Purgatorius is an animal with an important role in the evolution of man, is considered the protoprimate (ancestors of the primates) older, but their taxonomic position is uncertain. It has been argued that Purgatorius was an ancestor of primates and the Plesiadapiformes (an order of extinct mammals).

Paleontologists have found fossils of this mammal along with other fossilized remains such as the T-Rex when it happened the great extinction of the dinosaurs 65 million years. It is one of the survivors of this great catastrophe. He survived the cataclysm that caused the famous meteorite impact that ended the reign of the great reptiles and gave way to the evolution of other kinds of animals negligible so far.

In short, it is believed that if he had not resisted Purgatorius extinction, hibernating in deep burrows and feeding on roots and bulbs, we would not exist.

It was a small mammal of about 15 cm long (like a small rat) and one kilogram. He ate everything (omnivorous) and may feed on plants, fruits or meat scraps toast of a Triceratops.

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