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Nothosaurus is an extinct genus of sauropsids (reptiles) Triassic marine, was among the first plesiosaurus (like the famous Elasmosaurus). Its name means "fake lizard" and who were not lizards like today's or even a dinosaur.
His teeth, very sharp as daggers, which also fit together those in both jaws, was a perfect trap for fish. Nothosaurus could close the mouth with great force but the muscles that allowed him to reopen it were very weak. Some of the best preserved fossils preserve the skin and drawing show that Nothosaurus had webbed feet, suitable for both the aquatic environment and to the land.
They could spend part of their life on land, on the sand and rocks. The tips allowed them to walk and move awkwardly arched his back, like lions today. You probably arrived on shore to stretch out, relax and warm in the sun, capturing prey on the pools of the shore and to reproduce by laying eggs. Breathed air, as shown by the two nostrils at the top of his nose, and although it was undoubtedly a stylish swimmer, was not so well adapted to an aquatic lifestyle as full-time as Opthalmosaurus ichthyosaurs.
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