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Kaprosuchus saharicus.

Kaprosuchus saharicus was a huge crocodile that lived in the Upper Cretaceous in Niger (Africa). This dinosaur is not extremely large as it could be other prehistoriccrocodiles as Deinosuchus or Sarcosuchus Imperator. "Only"average 6 meters but what is striking is his face. He had a terrible predator face, large protruding teethabove and below the jaw and a rough bump on the snout (emerging from thesquamous and parietal) giving it an aggressive appearance that recalls when wolvesbaring their teeth defensive position . We, as the most terrible dragon fantasy filmstoday.

Another difference between the Kaprosuchus saharicus and other crocodiles is thatthe basins of the hojos projected forward, not upward. Had stereoscopic vision, similar to the hunters like lions or wolves.
In fact, this animal was a predator prehistoric Earth, but also water. Because land isattributed hunter strong legs that allowed him to pursue their prey with great speed and run at a certain height from the ground (to be cococrilo).

Finally, thanks to their appearance, their disproportionately large, sharp fangs, was given the name of Kaprosuchus, meaning crocodile boar. Referring to the tusks of theboars that tend to stand out from the muzzle. And saharicus that their bones werefound in the Sahara.
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