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I'm surprised that after writing more than 200 prehistoric animals, we still have not spoken of Megatherium, prehistoric animal that existed until 8000 years ago and, a

The Megatherium was a big herbivore, like a Sloth of the currently but giant. As a the sloths current, the Megatherium also eat the foliage. But the latter did not climb into the branches, mostly because it weighed over 5 tons (imagine an elephant up to the branch of a baobab, the same impression as the Megatherium would see in a tree). As measured 6 meters and stood on two legs reached the treetops and branches pulled down with their huge claws. Lately, is considering the option that it was an omnivorous animal, and also eating tons of leaves and branches, ever eat carrion or some unsuspecting animal ... because seeing how robust your bones and weight of this animal, we can not say it was a hunter agile, stealthy and fast.

This prehistoric animal was so large that a healthy individual was not able to kill any predator. Maybe some guy old, young or injured could fall prey to a group of giant hyenas, wolves, saber tooth or some Arctodus or cave bear.

The Megatherium, appeared on Earth 3 million years ago between the Pliocene and Pleistocene and disappeared 8,000 years ago in Central and South America. It is believed that the main cause of their extinction was the proliferation of a dangerous animal, a predator insatiable .... I speak human being.

In this video we will see that this prehistoric animal was not as shy as its relative the current lazy ...

What you do not know what is below. ????

 Well, it is a cave that was excavated by a megaterio and served as den / shelter . This in particular is about 200 m long and was excavated about 20,000 years ago .

Procoptodon Goliath.

This huge kangaroo lived in Australia until 18,000 years ago and apparently, the man was partly to blame. And although it is unclear the role of men in ending the Procoptodon, seen the Holocene mass extinction that occurred mainly men (apart from climate change), I have been surprised that Aboriginal Australians. But hey, that's just my opinion.

The Procoptodon measuring 1 meter current that kangaroos and reached weigh 250 kg (2 ½ times more than the actual red kangaroo with an average height of 3 meters.
These giant short-faced kangaroos had their eyes facing forward. At the foot had just pointed a long finger-shaped arrow. With these strange feet moved quickly through the woods and meadows, where he ate grass and leaves. He had long arms.
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