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Goliath or Homo heidelbergensis

About half a million years began to take shape morphological traits in hundreds of thousands of years gave rise to Neanderthals. The Pre-Neanderthal or Homo heidelbergensis showed increasing physical bulk, expressed in increasing height, from 1.75 to 1.80 meters (5,9 ft) and about 100 kilograms (half male, 220 lb). The jaws also possessed a
great power and strength because of stress to which they were subjected.

All these fossils reveal a hominid skull with a "bloated" than that of any H. erectus / H. ergaster, but still has superciliary arches. The back of the skull is more rounded than in H. erectus / H. ergaster, and the cheeks are inflated, as in the Neanderthals, though the face is flatter. His ability neurocraneal not far from modern man, was about the 1,350 cm ³. Another similarity with Homo sapiens was his vocal apparatus. This led to think that language, understood in a way perhaps different to the current, already present in these groups.

After Gigantopithecus, Goliath is the largest of hominids.

The tools associated with the fossils consist mostly of "stone cutting" and some tools and tips flakes and scrapers of wood, bone and horn, being the pioneers of this technique. Inside we find the double-sided technology, also called a hatchet, is large and is carved on both sides. Its usefulness is very diverse. According to analysis of other stones show their use to tan leather or wood working, and 400,000 years ago using crude wooden spears. It is also likely that at this time the fire was widely used and gradually, as there is evidence of fires.
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