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Giraffatitan, I think everyone intuit the meaning of the name: Giraffe Titan. This sauropod be at least elongated. For a long time was considered a Brachiosaurus, a prehistoric animal considering for years the largest of all terrestrial dinosaurs. In fact, Wikipedia definitions and descriptions for Giraffatitan Braquiosaurus and is the same.

The only species of the genus is called brancai Giraffatitan measured 25 meters long and 13 tall. That means you could poke your head perfectly by a fourth floor window. And its weight is estimated at 37 tonnes maximum

Unlike other sauropods, had a constitution similar to that of current giraffes with long forelimbs and a long neck, which probably used to feed in the tops of the trees had spatulate teeth very suitable for diet . His skull has many holes, probably to reduce their weight to be a neck support 10 meters long.

The similarities with other sauropods ranging from a small brain compared to his body and he was a vegetarian who ate hundreds of pounds of conifers, ferns, horsetails and ginkgo or bennetites.

He lived in the Upper Jurassic in what is now Africa.
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