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Giant wolf or wolf terrible.

The terrible giant wolf or wolf is a species of extinct large canine that lived in North America during the Pleistocene. Certain features present in this field, suggests that dire wolves, like many other dogs, were social animals who lived and hunted in packs.
Although invited to think what its common name, the giant wolf was not exceptionally large compared with its relative, the common wolf or gray wolf (Canis lupus.) On average, weighed about 80 kg. However, the differences with the other canines, with whom he shared habitat for 90 000 years, are important.
Canis dirus was more robust and proportionally shorter legs, so that it would be a great runner. The nose was long and powerful jaws, thick, strong teeth capable of crushing bones. All this suggests that animals hunted cumbersome, injured or ill, and often feed on carrion. The niche occupied by meadows and steppes in the North American ice age was similar to that hyenas had on other continents. A large number of fossils of herbivores crushed by the jaws of giant wolves reinforce this idea.
Probably became extinct 10 000 years ago, like the rest of the American megafauna.

Some fossil discoveries made in Arkansas indicate that could live in the Ozark Mountains until only 4000 years.

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