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Daeodon. Pig or boar terrible.

Entelodon has long talked of a huge boar, terrible and effective predator. Well, Daeodon was further developments. It was a little larger, reaching 3.6 meters long and 2 meters high. With a head of more than 1 meter in length that had a strong jaw with a bite (similar in proportion to the actual pigs and wild boars) and large and deadly fangs. The neck was short and thick and had a hump on the back along the spine.
With a strong and robust body reached a speed of 35 km / h, and managed to bring down their prey in the form of ambush and was once a short distance faster than performing a surprise attack their prey and bite and squeeze your strong bite.
He lived during the Miocene, about 24 million years ago in North America.

Among the causes of their extinction is thought to be one of the reasons was the gateway to the continent of Bear-dog or Amphicyon. More agile and fast and safely with a structure similar to the wolf pack that offered a performance at top predator.


The entelodont is an extinct family of hoofed mammals related to the current pig and animals with hooves. Distributed in Asia and North America made between 45 and 25 million years. Measured about 2,1 m (7 feet) high, 3 `5 meters (14 feet)long and had a brain the size of a fist. It fed on carrion, oportunisatas, and plants. Not rule out the flush of live prey. Your lifestyle should look like pigs. Believed to be a omnivore because their teeth had large teeth and powerful back teeth. Like the pigs had a heavy body and short legs and a robust and thin.
With a size similar to Hyaenodon and weighing about 4,207 kg (9,300 lb) was the only rival of Hyaenodon.
For the morphological differences between male and female remains, it is believed that males were competing to win the group severamete females.


Hyaenodon ( 'hyena's tooth ") is an extinct genus of mammals of the order of creodonts. Some species of this genus were among the largest terrestrial carnivorous mammals.

These predators were as big as a rhinoceros. Appeared in the late Eocene 41 million years ago, during the Oligocene to exist 21 million years ago.

Was the dominant predator of the time, even have discovered remains of saber-toothed feline powerful victim Hyaenodon.

The name "hyena teeth" refers to its pontente bite and hardness of his teeth. Being able to eat all parts of the dam, including the teeth.

His skull was long and narrow. The body was similar to the recently extinct Tasmanian wolf, Thylacinus. But larger.

At the time competed against Entelodon. I put a video showing that competition for food.

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