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When I saw it for the first time (Cretacic) Jurassic Park ...

I thought ... - it is impossible that this creature may exist, they have been wrong. But I was the one who was wrong was thinking this ... it really did exist. It was a lizard in the Cretaceous that lived 200 million years ago in what is now North America and parts of China. Its name refers to its main feature: Dilophosaurus means "lizard two peaks". A bone crests that run along the cranial vault and are coming together in approaching the nostrils and give it a look as angry.

But apart from these two bony protrusions, it is noteworthy that the two membranes are born from the beginning of the neck and which maintains folded until suddenly extends them. Are thought to this membrane was deployed when was intended to look bigger compared to others that might arise as a threat, rather large lizards or other species of the same species. At initially thought that also served as a deterrent in clashes pairing ... but maybe this idea is wrong because females also exhibit membrane. Finally, females may also have to fight each other for territory.

These membranes resemble the actual Frilled, but much larger. In fact, the Dilophosaurus was a super-predator of the time. Media about 7 meters long (22 ft.) and weighed about 350 kg  (770 lb.).... in fact it was light enough for its size. It was fast, bipedal, with skull rather small and not massive, and long and slender neck and tail. In its skull had a boss that we have appointed a small crest bone.

By their fossil remains are thought to the Dilofosauro, was devoted to feeding carrion and small game, as it had no bite, no mass, nor necessary for hunting large prey strength. Another idea that seems well founded is that since it has long, thin teeth, with long necks and light heads, it is possible that much of their diet from fish outside.

And finally, something I do not know, where Jurassic Park were removed this prehistoric animal they are poisonous? That is not proven.
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