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Woolly rhinoceros

Just as the mammoth, the woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta) was a prehistoric animal of a cold and dry climate typical of the last glaciation. It was great for retaining better heat also had a long horn and leaning forward to remove the snow and reach the food and a double mane of long, thick hair on the outside and a thin layer inside that isolated it from the cold. The truth is that it was a survivor of that hostile climate and long winters survived in the cold, lonely steppes of Eurasia. From Spain to China. And our forefathers could see.

As is the case with the current rhino, woolly rhinoceros was a strong animal, hard and grumpy, it was awesome. In fact it is thought that in their extinction, 8,000 years ago, the man was not a decisive role. Was mainly due to the disappearance of their habitat was not Neanderthals hunted nor old nor homo sapiens populations. How to drive a spear into an animal with a fat layer of 30 cm, and a hard coat like a wild boar, but much longer and abundant? Yes, you could, but much nearing.

However, experts have observed in well-preserved bones, there were marks of predators. Agile and fast predators that hunted in packs, such as wolves and hyenas.

The size of this rhino of the ice age was a bit higher than any current rhino. Although I must say that some species were slightly smaller.

For example, woolly rhinoceros (Coelodonta antiquitatis) was the largest species. It measured more than 4 meters long and 2 meters high at the withers, its weight exceeded 4 tons. It had two horns, the largest could reach a meter in length and was holding a large and heavy head that simultaneously was supported by some powerful muscles that were inserted and formed the hump and characteristic of these animals.
Another species that should be noted is the Tibetan woolly rhino. This, as its name indicates lived in Tibet, over 3,000 meters high. This prehistoric animal is the oldest known (3.5 million years ago) and possibly other species evolved the Tibetan woolly. This on the theory that these animals evolved into Tibetan steppes of China and Mongolia.
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