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Anisodon. Chalicotheriidae.

The Anisodon belongs to the family or Calicoterios Calicotéridos (Chalicotheriidae). It is very curious, strange to our eyes. The truth is that we look like a cross between two animals: a horse and a gorilla (for example).

In fact, although the head and body were similar to those of the horse, walking in a more upright, similar the gorilla and not as current horses. Its front legs were long and short the back, so I walked in a manner more similar to gorillas than horses. But the resemblance to the gorillas are not only the way to go, also had no claws, but claws and knuckles rested on them. In the front legs were huge, curved claws, probably used to get the leaves on the trees as they were browsing on forest and verifications may be standing on its hind legs to reach higher branches. They could not run, and it was his claws and great strength and size that can be served as a defense against predators. On its hind legs could reach more than 4 meters high.

Some cryptozoologists have hypothesised that (the supposedly carnivorous) cryptid from Africa, the Nandi Bear, could be a chalicothere.

Appeared in the Miocene and as mentioned in Wiki, possibly survived until "a few years. "
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