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Beelzebufo ampinga or Devil Frog.

To begin the week and make it more bearable, I had thought about an animal today, very curious, which was discovered 4 or 5 years ago and that is the physical evidence of a fascinating event happened on Planet Earth. This animal is called "Beelzebufo ampinga".

Beelzebufo ampinga the Latin "Beelze" means devil, "bufo" means toad and "ampigna" means shield. It is the largest frog discovered in the world. Beelzebufo lived 70 million years ago in the Cretaceous in Madagascar. It shared the world with some known dinosaurs like T-Rex, and although it was no match for them, thanks to their huge mouths, could hunt small dinosaurs, babies and eggs, and other amphibians.

It measured just over 40 cm (16 in) and weighed 5 kg (10 lb), actually the largest frog is the Goliath, with 30 cm and 3 kg (6 lb). The ampingade Beelzebufo skull is composed of a thick shell and their teeth were strong and sharp. Its bite was very powerful and huge mouth, about 35 cm (12 in)  wide. The detail of its mouth is very important, its mouth was large compared to other frogs or toads, in fact it was this characteristic that served to classify this "frog" in the group of prehistoric "Pacman Frogs" or Ceratophrys, a group of frogs living in South America and have a big mouth. And here the controversy.
The earth 80 million years ago

How can it be that the "Pacman" are from South America andon the other hand, locate devil frog in Madagascar?
In principle this creates a contradiction. 70 million years ago, the continents had already split and although nearer than they are now, it would be impossible for terrestrial wildlife pass from one continent to another without encountering miles and miles of ocean. However, some experts think that there was a land connection between South America, Madagascar, Antarctica and possibly to some 65 to 70 million years. It's the only explanation, and if so, "continental drift" was not in order and not in the mode that we were taught in the representations.
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