Archaeopteryx is the oldest known bird. While the Microraptor is considered a dinosaur with feathers like a bird, Archaeopteryx is already a bird. The first bird ... Jurassic.
They are very similar, are common features of other theropods: bone thing, sharp claws, beak with small but sharp teeth and feathers, both forelimbs and hind.

But unlike Microraptor, Archaeopteryx flew better, not only was involved in planning from branch to branch. Perhaps its flight is not elegant as the an albatross or as fast as a swift, but was the first to fly. and that is a lot. Possibly its fly mode would seem very strange if we saw now. Archaeopteryx also had long feathers on the hind legs, along with feathers front, it flew in a strange mode. Some think that because of this, was more agile in flight modern birds, but their ability to fly long distances would be less.

Not very big, measuring just 35 cm, and weighed just under 500 gr. Its brain was proportionally greater than other theropods and structure of his ear and was similar to that of modern birds.

We could say that its size was similar to that of a magpie .... Consider the differences:

Incidentally, the Velociraptor, is a close relative.

Saber-toothed tiger or Smilodon

We talked of many prehistoric animals in this blog, since Anomalocaris of more than 500 million years, to the bird Moa, who died just over 500 years. Yes it is true that we speak of Smilodon, when we saw the American Cave Lion. But I thought that it was time to talk only to Smilodon, the saber-toothed tiger authentic.

Within the genus Smilodon, which means "saber tooth" we find three species: the Smilodon gracilis ("Smilodon thin"), Smilodon fatalis and the close cousin and we like the Smilodon populator.

From now on, when we speak of the saber-toothed tiger, we refer to Smilodon populator.

The sabertooth  was arguably the most specialized of all feline. Its body was robust, very, very robust. To get an idea of how strong it was, a male Bengal tiger now average just over 720 lb (320 kg). A Sabertooth, the same size as the tiger can weigh up to 900 lb (400 kg). The 160 lb (80 kg) of difference, are practically muscle. It would be like a tiger that had taken steroids.
But it is so strong not due to a whim of nature or to devote himself to do pushups every day, no. The sabertooth musculature, is related to their prey, nature is wise.

These two features together (teeth and muscles), made ​​of Smilodon a predator of big beasts. Giant sloths, horses, bison and even prehistoric mammoths fell into your diet. The way they hunted the megafauna in South America was by ambuscade *. Surprised their prey and reached for one of its sides. It hitched with their long claws and a hook and tugged them until toppled. When for example the mammoth was shot down, penetrating its teeth in the throat. Then the neck stretched and tore, ripping and neck veins and trachea.

Even being a prehistoric predator able to hunt large animals, Sabretooth had to deal with other predators that, individually or in groups, could snatch the prey ... Bears like Bulldog, or the giant wolf.

But competition was not the reason for their disappearance. The reason was specialization. Was not able to run long distance, as the climate of Earth was warming up (from the peak of the last ice age) the megafauna began to disappear. And apparently, men hunted large prey and therefore, were a problem to those who already had the Smilodon. The Smilodon appeared 1 million years ago and disappeared 10,000 years ago.

 It is thought that the Sabertooth tiger hunting in ambuscade because he was a great runner. The huge muscles had generated much heat and would have suffocated in long races. Also, cats have a long tail serves for balance, while also running. The tail of Smilodon did not exceed 35 cm, for experts have concluded that there was a good runner.


Supersaurus (SUPER-LIZARD). An ambitious name of a sauropod that could be the greatest who ever lived on Earth. Perhaps some rushed in to put that name ... I mean: The sauropods were the largest dinosaurs that ever lived. Within this group, for example, we find the famous sauropods such as Diplodocus (103 feet long), Argentinosaurus (131 ft) and Amphicoelias fragillimus (up to 155 feet, if its existence is confirmed). So if this sauropod called "SUPER" understand that is bigger than these three ... right? Well the answer is NO, is smaller, measuring up to 100 ft at best, like a Diplodocus.

But, when they found the first fossils seemed that these prehistoric animals could measure some more. Initially estimated 42 meters. And had to give them a name.

Finally, little more can be said of Supersaurus only who like all sauropods, had a small head, a long neck and a long tail. Could weigh 40 tons, and was a vegetarian. Imagine how much they should eat grass.

This prehistoric animal lived in the Jurassic in what is now North America.
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