It belongs to one of the three families of superpredators who know and who have inhabited the Earth: Pliosauridos, Laminidae Carcharodones (the megalodon), and to which it belongs, the Mosasauridae.

The Tylosaurus Mosasaurus species is more bulky and long, with the Hainosaurus, which is closely related. Reached about 50 feet long, and of course, has the essential characteristics of other mosasaurs:
- Adapted to water and reptile related to lizards and snakes today.
- Swimming at high speed because their members had had transformed into flippers and hydrodynamic body shape.
- Huge skull, up to 1.5 meters long ... and very strong high pressure allowing bite.

Certainly, other mosasaurs had a body a bit more robust. But Tylosaurus body allowed him to move with more agility and faster and almost no prey could escape its attack, also to be of a larger size, was fully capable of being the most terrible mosasaur ever.

Might well have reached the 8-ton of muscle. It was definitely one of the few marine superpredators that existed in the Western Interior Seaway during the Late Cretaceous. In fact, the stomach contents of specimens found to indicate that this ferocious Tylosaurus Mosasaurus had a varied diet. A diet that included fish of various sizes, sharks, smaller mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and diving birds as Hesperornis.

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