Without quite knowing why, Acrocanthosaurus lived to the public under the shadow of T.Rex, still a great unknown to most and undervalued its role as a hunter at the time of the Cretaceous in North America and Europe.

About the size of T.Rex, the Acrocanthosaurus was a cousin of Allosaurus and, as this was a hunter specializing in large animals, giant sauropods like Diplodocus weighing 6 or 7 times or Pleurocoelus.

The name of this lizard Acrocanthosaurus means "thorn lizard high" and indeed, when it was discovered, even mistook him for the BIG SPINOSARUS (King of Kings). The theme of the spines always generates controversy and do not become experts agree: if they were to regulate the temperature, if it was to swim, to show your mood, or to house unions with strong muscles ... too numerous to write about this but we'll see another day.

Speaking of muscles, the Acrocanthosaurus was very muscular and strong, much more than others allosaurids. Something like an Allosaurus largest and steroids. It measured 12 meters and weighed 5.6 tons, and this made ​​him a bit slow *. He ran and ran up to the big sauropods (which is not that they were cheetahs) long necks and hooked to these formidable pulling their strong claws and bite with all his weight down, dropping these titanic beasts.

* It was the weight and slow what they did to specialize in hunting large animals, or vice versa, hunting big beasts Acrocanthosaurus led to larger and more robust. Finally, the case is to specialize in this way produced an end. Forms were disappearing with the big sauropods, the Acrocanthosaurus were increasingly less likely to hunt and smaller dams could more easily escape them. His strength was his undoing.


Recently on the blog include the legendary battle T.rex vs. Triceratops, and people keep leaving your views and comments, but what is certain is that the results would be very different and unfavorable to the Tyrannosaurus if instead of fighting against a triceratops, he should make against a Eotriceratops.

We could say that if the triceratops was a black bear, the bear was a grizzly Eotriceratops. Were indeed very similar but the Eotriceratops was larger, heavier and older. Eotriceratops means "the first with three horns on their heads." This is a triceratops that has the largest horns all have been discovered so far, something he himself would doubt the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

It is estimated that hast measured 12 meters (2 more than the Triceratops) and 15 tonnes (3 more than the T.) and had a huge head of 3 meters long ... 3 METERS!!

The Eotriceratops is older than any other group ceratopsid or Torosaurus Triceratops lived in the late Cretaceous period in what is now North America and the only known species refers to the Eotriceratops xerinsularis.

Apart from size, age and weight, has other features that distinguish it from Triceratops as one nostril much higher (for it is thought he could permacener submerged in water for long periods of time) and larger horns and near eyes.
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