The word "Megalodon" means big tooth and its scientific name is Carcharodon megalodon tooth mean much sharp (or sharp). Knowing this, it is easy to know why the name of this prehistoric animal: the Carcharodontosaurus which means lizard with sharp teeth.

An animal with this name can only be a hunter, a predator, why would an herbivore have fangs ...?

Carcharodontosaurus was not a second predator. In fact, the family that was part (Carcharodontosauridae) appeared some of the largest known land predators, such as Giganotosaurus, the Mapusaurus and tiranotitán. All these strong predatory theropods that reigned over other animals in their geographic areas and their corresponding time.

His appearance was fierce, and tanmaño negligible. I could measure up to 12 meters long, weigh up to 4 tons, and 4 meters high. To give you an idea, the T. Rex measured 14 meters long and of course heavier, but has anyone ever think that it was a lizard Carcharodontosaurus hardly any importance in the world of prehistoric predators. Carcharodontosaurus also had one of the largest skulls of carnivorous dinosaurs. And the larger relative to its size. A skull of 1.5 meters, about 10 cm less than the Giganotosaurus, which measured up to 18 meters long. Besides his jaw pressure is estimated at 3.5 tonnes and full of jagged teeth like those of sharks could tear flesh but was protected with scales, so their prey died bled also had sharp claws his hands as hooks butcher to support a victim while its jaws tore.

Other data supporting this was a good predator:

The carcarodontosaurios had a two dimensional view, as any good hunter. They had like a long, muscular legs, and trace fossils indicate that they could run up to 30 km / h, but now this is controversial.

Finally, we should not make myths of T. Rex, Spinosaurus, Allosaurus or Giganotosaurus, because after all other dinosaurs were able to shadow them, as the Carcharodontosaurus.

Carcharodontosaurus lived in Africa during the Cretaceous.


You have certainly heard of Mosasaurus, the great predator of the Cretaceous, a fearsome marine hunter was afraid of other creatures of the sea but ... and Hainosaurus? While not believe it, the Hainosaurus belonged to the same family as the Mosasaurus, Mosasauridae the family.

He was also a marine reptile, an apex predator that lived with her ​​relative Mosasaurus.

Hainosaurus dimensions have been debated: Some experts believe that reached 17 m (57 ft) and 13 m (42 ft) change others, but the vast majority agrees to an average size 15 meters (50ft).

This hunter's skull measuring 1.5 meters (5 ft) long. And in his jaws were more than 60 teeth are sharp and hard. Among their prey were fish, turtles, marine reptiles and even smaller sharks.

The hainosaurus had an elongated body that was perfectly adapted to the water to achieve greater agility and speed. They had fins on the sides and curved tail with fins to swim very fast, to reach out and catch their prey without that it can do almost anything.

This prehistoric animal was specially adapted to be in the water, and some of the questions that have their fossils are related to how and where breeding and giving birth to their young, uncertain whether it was viviparous, oviparous or ovoviviparous.

Although little is known of this marine reptile, I hope you discover more about the wonderful Hainosaurus.
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