Brontornis burmeisteri

A fearsome carnivorous birds and greatest of all time was the Brontornis burmeisteri. A flightless bird belonging to the subfamily Brontornithinae, which rivals the size of titanium-prehistoric other birds such as the family of Phorusrhacidae (known as "Terror Bird") or other more current and Dromornis (known as the "elephant bird").

The Brontornis burmeisteri was first introduced in the subfamily of "Terror Bird" and it is because their physical characteristics were similar for its large size and predatory lifestyle, and more specifically introduced in the subfamily Brontornithinae that contained very large and stout forms.

Had a height of almost 3 meters and its weight could reach 500 kg. He had some strong legs, able to tear the skins of their prey with a single blow. To get an idea: we can look at the Cassowary bird-like prehistoric currently living in Australia and New Guinea and is able to kill people with their claws. It measures half a burmeisteri Brontornis and herbivore.
The prehistoric bird lived in what is now called the Patagonia (South America). Due to the volume, is likely to have a lifestyle between an ambush predator and prey actively chasing, jumping on her and shot down by the strike force after a short chase.
Was the dominant carnivore during the Miocene Patagonia, being able to kill even large animals like elephants and the predator Thylacosmilus Astrapotherium (a saber-toothed marsupial).

Simply fascinating.

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