Gigantopithecus, the biggest monkey story.

From 1 million years ago until 300,000 years ago (just a little more), there was the bigfoot or the yeti. A real yeti no kidding. Gigantopithecus was called, and was a relative of our species. It was the largest primate WHO LIVED ON EARTH. He lived in modern-day China, India and Vietnam and may have coexisted with Homo erectus in Southeast Asia. Huge, strong, more than our nearest ancestor "Goliath" or Homo heidelbergensis, a vegetarian titan closer to orangutans.

Let's see some features.


An orangutan can weigh up to 120 kg (264.554 lb), and a gorilla (well formed) to 200 (440.924 lb). Gigantopithecus, which exceeded, it almost doubled and tripled. Weigh up to 500 kg (1102.311 lb). Like a bull. Come on, almost 3 times the weight of a giant ape.


An orangutan rarely exceed 1.75 meters in height and a gorilla more or less the same. But is that we are seeing great ape reaches 3 feet high. Much more than basketball players higher. (the highest with 2.47 (8 ft) Sultan Kosen weighed 150 kg and had a condition called gigantism)

Other things, according to Wikipedia: It was probably herbivorous quadruped, with a diet similar to the giant panda based on bamboo, possibly supplemented with seasonal fruits.

Among the causes of extinction: competition with giant pandas in the bamboo forests and the arrival of humans, which may also have eaten bamboo and used them to make tools, might have made survival difficult for Gigantopitehcus.
Indeed, some have postulated that cryptozoologists legendary beings across geographies known as Yeti or Bigfoot could be Gigantopithecus varieties that have survived to the present. mmmmmm I do not know


  1. Actually, Homo Heidelbergensis was probably almost as tall as Meganthropus Paleo-Javanicus.

    Prof. Lee Berger at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa has found giant femur and leg bones indicating the Heidelberg people in South Africa were often over 2.15 m (7 feet) tall!

    These giants hunted massive buffalo with horns ten to twelve feet across the tips.

  2. Ok, but I think it is being a bit dubious. Gigantism or new species (Meganthropus)? I do not know.

  3. Hello,
    you can find more data about Gigantopithecus
    Item: A finding of a potential femur-fragment of a Gogantopithecus in the German Rhineland.
    Kind regards
    Hans Grams

  4. how cool wonder... if it wud hurt me?

  5. i saw a 7half foot big 2 years ago n it looked so smiler to this i was like shocked saw how the fer moved n other stuff move n every thing was sweet if u wanna know my sighting let me know


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