Colossochelys atlas or Testudo atlas

Testudo atlas or Colosoqueli, was the largest turtle. It was, to get a great idea to double that giant tortoises that live today. Reached 2.5 m in length, a height of 1.5 meters and 4 tons.
His legs, like an elephant, were projected on the sides of the body and held the heavy shell of the back. The almoahadillas in the soles of his feet compact distribute the great weight among the five fingers of each leg, with robust claws. It was probably herbivorous and their relatives today. Faced with danger, could get his head and legs in heavy bony armor to protect themselves.
Testudo atlas or Colosoqueli lived in South Asia more than a million years, Pleistocene.

In this video you can see a current Giant Tortoise. It should be intoaccount the Testudo Atlas, could weigh up to more than 15 times its weight.

Curiosity: Although the Testudo atlas or Colosoqueli is the largest turtle that ever lived, not the animal that has existed more shell. This would be the Arquelón 3.7 meters long. This is a sea turtle extinct.


Estemmenosuchus prehistoric animal was a big and clumsy. Similar to the current rhino. The Estemmenosuchus "crocodile crowned" is named by the horns formed from the bones of the skull that are in the front and are directed upward.
He lived 225 million years ago in what is now Russia, the Permian period. Being the largest of its time with the Dimetron.
For the fossils found in the skulls, it is thought that it was an omnivore.
There are two known species of Estemmenosuchus:

1 - Uralensis Estemmenosuchus ("crocodile Coronado Urals). The characteristics of the species are the horns projecting up and out on the side of the head. Since this kind of about 4-5 meters long. The mouth contains large canines followed by small molar teeth.

2 - Estemmenosuchus mirabilis (wonderful Crocodile Coronado). This species had bony projection 2 knobs on each side of the skull, one on top facing upwards apparently pointing horns and other similar sides uralensis.
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