Is it possible to resurrect prehistoric animals?

Is it possible to resurrect prehistoric animals?

If we refer to dinosaurs as depicted in the film Jurassic Park, it seems that currently it is impossible not to resuscitate. While experts are very excited to think that in future it may be.
Apparently it has been able to recreate a living ... but very simple ... is actually a bacteria. Pour bacteria (Mycoplasma mycoides) is the first time you create a synthetic life form. To achieve this, the researchers built a machine in his laboratory every one of the basic units of DNA of the bacteria 'Mycoplasma mycoides' and assembled as if it were a Mecano. Once assembled the intricate puzzle, emptied a cell of another species of bacteria and introduced the synthetic genetic code in the cell container. And that's it ...
But of course, there are limitations:

1st - The Pour bacteria is very simple, basically a membrane genome, but in more complex organisms the DNA is packaged in the nucleus. And no one, until now, has been able to empty the heart and inject DNA into the interior.

2 - DNA sequences tend to deteriorate over time, and it is very difficult to draw a complete map of animals that lived millions of years could be the known T-rex. However there are other prehistoric animals, and extinct, are possible candidates ... as recently extinct and has obtained a DNA map comlete. Saber-toothed tigers, mammoths, cave bears, Tasmanian tiger, woolly rhinoceros, giant sloth and even our cousins the Neanderthals. All of them disappeared less than 100,000 years ago.

3 - There must be akin to a living animal which wants to revive, for example, to the mammoth elephant would be required to insert the embryo. But of course, to resurrect the kind of Neanderthal what it would take would be a woman. And this will bring much discussion and many different opinions, which I think could be done though, many voices that would oppose it.

4 - The environmental conditions of animals are now missing, in some cases, nonexistent. And basically serve as scientific purposes. There are no dams Sabretooth or frozen grass to keep Mammoth.

Well, I always think I conclude with this question: If you could resurrect a Neanderthal, what do you think think a Neanderthal resurrected in our world?


  1. It is not possible even by re-generation see at Dinosaurs end

  2. Neanderthals had the same intelligence than ours?


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