The Therizinosaurus was a bipedal animal with vicious prehistoric claws was found in Mongolia (Asia)
THE Therizinosaurus measuring up to 12 m long. His weight was up to 6 tons. The total arm measured 2.5 meters long, and his only scythe-shaped claw measuring 70 centimeters in outer curve. That length does not include the horny covering that must have surrounded the claw, with which it could reach up to 1 meter long.

Therizinosaurus ( "scythe lizard") lived in the Cretaceous (for about 70 to 65 million years in the Maastrichtian).

He lived together with other prehistoric animals like the striking resemblance and Erlikosaurus Segnosaurus.

Are unknown Therizinosaurus eating habits. These are unknown as fossils found in was not found remains that may determine your diet. He may have been herbivorous although the claws may be possessed for the struggle to defend territory or to mate, even to defend themselves from predators like the Tarbosaurus.

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