Spinosaurus vs Tiranosaurius Rex

T. Rex.
The tiranosaurius measured approximately 14 m in length.
He came to 5.6 meters.
An estimated weight of 6t.
T. rex had a large skull of 1.60 m fitted with eye and nasal fenestrae.
The neck was thick, muscular and short. It is said that the tyrannosaurus rex was the most fierce and powerful animal that has existed throughout history.
Period: Late Cretaceous

The Spinosaurus measured approximately 15 meters in length.
Reach about 10 meters in height.
Its estimated weight was 7 tons.
Characteristic for its speed and agility that jutted out of his muscular legs and strong forearms equipped with huge claws, his nose was specialized for a quick bite at key locations and their body shape was aerodynamics.
Time: Cretaceous about 95 and 93 million years

For those who see Ice Age III, the great struggle is unleashed between the two titans.

Jurasic Park III

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